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Durkin’s has been providing the Trumbull area with over a hundred years of service in installing and repairing both commercial and residential awnings. Awnings are much more than just a fabric structure. When you can custom-design your awning, you’ll not only enhance the exterior of your building but also protect your family or customers from harmful UV rays and other elements. If you’re in need of a new awning, Durkin’s can be your expert in the Trumbull, CT area.

At Durkin’s we can help you with:

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Trumbull Awning Installation and Repair

Awning Installation

All of our awning projects will begin with a consultation and an estimate that will help us determine your exact needs. We’ll also be able to offer you a set up date and price range for your installation.

To give you the best results and experience, we’ll pay attention to what you’re truly looking for. With this in mind, we’ll be able to decide what awning works best for your Trumbull property and how we can optimize it for your specific needs.

If an awning is not properly installed, you’ll be facing serious damage or repairs that will be a hefty charge. Instead of experiencing these unfortunate events, we’ll carefully inspect your awning after it’s been installed. Do you need a seasonal awning? We’ll be able to help you pick one out, then uninstall and reinstall it, so it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Awning Repair & Service

If you find yourself running into problems or see any damage on your awning, don’t worry, Durkin’s has got you covered. We’ll be able to fix your Trumbull awning with our top of the line repair services, great for both residential and commercial buildings. We’ll access the damage, figure out what needs to be altered and provide you with an accurate, affordable estimate.

Once you’ve approved of the plan, we’ll work quickly to make sure your awning is in top shape once again. Do you need awning services in the winter? No problem! We’ll even help you with winter cleaning when your awning needs it.

Commercial & Residential Awnings

We can help you install and repair awnings for commercial and residential use in the Trumbull  area. If your Trumbull business wants to add an attractive shade solution that not only looks good but truly protects your customers from the weather, we’ve got you covered.

The same goes for residential awnings. Durkin’s can help you choose a stunning awning or canopy to help shade your garden, provide protection for your deck or simply beautify your property.

Awning Types in Trumbull

Stationary Awnings

Stationary awnings are great permanent shade systems that can be custom-made for most decks, patios or freestanding poolside cabanas. With a sturdy build, these awnings can hold up to most weather conditions and provide protection for your outdoor furniture or keep your Trumbull  business shaded from the harsh run or rain.

Our custom-built systems can help you alter the appearance of your deck, patio or poolside area. These excellent shades offer an extension of your living space and can be used for most weather types in Trumbull. You can also add extra pieces like side curtains or screens to provide even more protection when you need it.

Frame Tent Awning
Stationary Awnings
Stationary Awning
Stationary Awnings
Stationary Awning
Stationary Awning

Shade Structures

Do you need an awning that will offer great shade for residential or commercial buildings? Perhaps even protection from the sun, rain or windy conditions? Fantastic! Our Eclipse Sunroof Plus could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Eclipse Sunroof Plus

Our Eclipse Sunroof Plus is a retractable, motorized shading system that offers a longer projection for more added shade. You’ll also receive 3-season protection from the elements with this style, including windy conditions up to 23 mph and a rating of 5 on the Beaufort scale.

The Eclipse Sunroof Plus comes in two options:

Patio Style: Created to be attached to an existing structure.

Pergola StyleDesigned by engineers to be mounted on an existing structure.

Both the patio and pergola styles can be operated with a wireless wall switch or a handheld transmitter. When they aren’t in use, they can be safely retracted.

Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning

Retractable Deck and Patio Awnings

Retractable awnings are an excellent shade option that can be motorized for convenience and simplicity. In fact, most of our sales (95%) are for motorized awnings.

Retractable awnings are great for:

  •         Convenience
  •         Easy to Use
  •         Versatile
  •         Protecting your property and creating shade  
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Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning

Canopy Installation and Repair in Trumbull, CT

Either you’re seeking shade from the sun’s harsh rays or simply trying to transform your backyard into an oasis, canopies are a great option for your Trumbull property. They’re perfect for year-round protection from the elements and perfect for towns like Trumbull or the surrounding areas in Connecticut or New York. Take a look at our most popular types.


Pergolas are a fantastic addition to any backyard or patio. With these stylish structures, you’ll add another level of design right on your Trumbull property. Not only are they elegant and practical, but they’ll also offer you proper shade during the summer months. Durkin’s Inc. is your trusted source for custom-made pergolas that are bound to match your space.

Shade Canopies

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your annual BBQ party or you simply want to relax in the sun, Durkin’s Inc. has the perfect shade canopy for you. With a variety of options in both size and design, we’ll be able to find a great option to match your backyard.

Garden Canopies

A garden canopy is a great shade option that combines beauty and style with practicality. If you need a reliable shade solution for your garden, this type of canopy will provide protection from harsh UV rays and keep insects out. Durkin’s Inc. can help you find the right sized garden canopy for your Trumbull property, helping you create a comfortable oasis in the comfort of your backyard space.

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Louvered Roofs in Trumbull, CT

As outdoor roofing experts in Trumbull, CT we know how to install a louvered roof on your property. That’s why we are the go-to company for Louvered roof projects for residential and commercial properties.

Louvered roofs function exceptionally well in New England weather as they are angled to allow light and air during the spring & summer while repelling precipitation throughout the fall and winter. Durkin’s can answer any question on louvered roofs anywhere in Trumbull, CT.

Types of Louvered Roofs

Looking for a certain type of roof? We’re the only company in Trumbull you need. Residential or commercial, we can do both without a sweat. The great thing about louvered roofs is that they are very customizable and can come with a variety of add-ons. Here’s what we can install with your louvered roof!

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Accent Lights
  • Custom Colors
  • Wood Wraps
  • Solar Shades
  • Pergola End Cuts

Our roofs are made entirely out of aluminum, you can be sure the quality and durability of our roofs are top notch.

Aluminum is a cost-effective material that can last a long time. The strength of the material can enable units to be free-standing or add-ons to existing structures.

The versatility, durability & functionality of Louvered roofs make for the perfect outdoor roof anywhere in Trumbull, CT.

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Why Durkin for your Trumbull Awning?

Durkin has been providing the Trumbull area for over the past one hundred years, and our work ethic has never changed over the past four generations of workers. We will always take pride in all that we have to offer including our excellent customer service and great products.

With over 4000 systems in service by Durkin, a low percentage of .0065% have an issue annually. With these great results, it’s clear how reliable our shading systems are compared to most automobiles or appliances. There’s no better company that ours to help you with creating, installing, or repairing your residential or commercial awning in Trumbull.

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