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All-Season Leisure Room

We understand that your need for shade, privacy, and comfort doesn’t stop at the edge of your deck or patio. That’s where Durkin’s  Leisure Rooms come in.

Get more use out of your outdoor spaces with a Leisure Room. Do you need a cozy outdoor room to house your hot tub so you can comfortably use it year-round? How about a screened-in, standalone space you can use as a three-season room or sunroom? Or, if you’re looking for a way to expand your outdoor living space into the colder months, a glassed-wall room may fit the bill.

With many customizable options in our Leisure Room collection, we’ve got something sure to please!


Explore our Leisure Rooms

A Durkin’s All-Season Leisure Room is great for building your ideal patio haven. Constructed with superior materials and available in various sizes and designs, these shade structures incorporate our premier features for an optimal outdoor living experience. A Durkin’s All-Season Leisure Room protects you from harmful UV rays and pests while relishing the natural sunlight and fresh breeze — free from sun glare and intense heat.


Built with both tempered glass and screen panels, a Durkin’s e All-Season Leisure Room allows you total control over your environment.



Relax in total comfort while the screened panels allow a cooling breeze in but keep insects out of the party.



Winter’s much more cozy with a Spa Room from SummerSpace! The wide, removable door allows you to easily install your hot tub while the extended height provides upper venting.


Make Your Leisure Room All Your Own

Durkin’s Leisure Rooms are designed to fit your unique needs. You know your space and needs best, so we made our Leisure Rooms customizable to adapt to you. Pick the shape you like best, select between glass or screen (or both!), and then choose the SUMMERSHIELD™ powder coating finish and beautiful roof fabric of your choice.

Are you ready to have your relaxation needs met? It starts with selecting your Durkin’s Leisure Room!

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