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Durkin’s offers full annual service, repairs, replacement covers and cleaning in Danbury, Stamford, Ridgefield and throughout Connecticut and New York.

Seasonal installation (spring) and removal (fall) has been a key part of our company since the beginning. We take total responsibility to carefully remove, inspect, store and re-install your fabric awning(s), taking away all pressures from our customers. We are structured to visit all areas (towns) twice in the fall and twice in the spring to give you reasonable flexibility for your yearly service. Local areas from Stamford and Ridgefield can vouch our premium services. If necessary, we respond to emergencies. Emergencies in Greater Danbury are elligible for immediate help.

Replacement covers are addressed upon removal in the fall, we evaluate all awnings and if found to be in need of recover we will contact our customers with a recover proposal. It’s a great time to commit since we get fabric discounts in the off season. At this point it allows us to re-fabricate and have your new awning cover ready for springtime. Any owner of an awning in Greater Danbury should take advantage of this as we want your awning to last as long as it possibly can.

Repairs to seasonal awning covers can be addressed upon removal. All adjustments would be made over the winter so your awning is ready for spring delivery. For commercial, retractable or other fixed awnings systems. We would do a complete evaluation of repairs needed and report back to you with costs and timing. With approval, we would send our service crew to your sight and make the necessary repairs. Again, we try very hard to take the pressures away from our customers.

Winter cleaning of awnings has grown every year since we started, over 110 years ago. Like anything else in Greater Danbury or Connecticut, exposure to the elements can cause awnings to look quite unsightly and by having a regular cleaning regiment, your awning(s) can look like new.

Some cleaning can be harsh (depending on the fabric and color), so we may recommend cleaning every 2 or 3 years. Our sales staff can clarify how to treat your particular awning. Outdoor cushions, umbrellas, and other fabric items may qualify to be cleaned. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Please note that cleaning only occurs in the dead of winter. During early spring, we are all on the road installing our customer’s awnings all around Connecticut and New York.

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