Porch Enclosure System

Porch Enclosure System

Explore the ideal porch experience with Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System. These meticulously crafted panels transform your outdoor area. Durkin’s systems combine the robustness of extruded aluminum frames with the stylish look of two-piece powder-coated trim kits, offering a durable and refined appearance. Adapt to the seasons easily using our removable window panes that change your area from a protected haven to a breezy space. Upgrade your porch with FlexScreen®, a durable, weather-resistant screen that enhances views and simplifies cleaning. Enhance your outdoor space today with Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System—where comfort, beauty, and cutting-edge design converge for a supreme porch makeover.


Porch Perfection: Introducing Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System

Elevate your outdoor sanctuary into a striking display with Porch Enclosure Systems by Durkin’s. Discover the possibilities of your cherished space and enhance it further with our advanced Porch Enclosure System. Whether you desire to soak up the sun, fend off annoying bugs, or enjoy your scenery uninterrupted, our Porch Enclosure Systems are designed to meet your needs.

Experience the transformation of your outdoor area — from a bare porch to a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System reinvents your surroundings, delivering unparalleled flexibility, resilience, and visual appeal. Enhance your outdoor living with Porch Enclosure Systems by Durkin’s today.

Porch Enclosure Systems by Durkin’s ideally bring comfort and style to any covered porch or patio. Say goodbye to bothersome bugs — our strong mesh screening creates a solid shield while preserving a soft sense of privacy. Meticulously made, these systems are an essential upgrade for porches, verandas, and patio areas.

A single size doesn’t suit everyone, so Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems are thoughtfully designed to fit any area. Tailored to match almost any porch opening precisely, these panels feature a combination of powder-coated aluminum framing, tempered glass, and durable screen material. Brilliantly crafted for practicality, durability, and elegance, our panels provide a weather-resistant retreat that endures over time. Designed to connect seamlessly, they ensure a quick and smooth installation.

Unlock the possibilities of your porch with a Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System. Enjoy a bug-free haven during the summer, as our reinforced polyester screening protects you from tiny outdoor pests. As the seasons change, adapt to the cooler weather by sliding your tempered glass windows shut, turning your space into a cozy retreat enjoyable throughout the year.

See the wonders of our Porch Enclosure Systems transform your porch into an all-season living area, where you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. In the warmer months, slide out the panes to create a breezy screen room, then slide them back to keep warm as the temperature drops.

Our top-tier pretreatment and exclusive SummerShield™ powder coating finish exceed AAMA 2604 standards, withstanding intense 3,000-hour salt spray tests. This remarkable, fade-proof finish comes in twelve captivating low-gloss, subtly textured choices. SummerShield™ also includes antimicrobial technology, ensuring an easy-to-maintain, long-lasting finish.

Durkin’s uses aluminum extrusion technology to offer the Porch Enclosure System, which has been built to endure through the years. Aluminum is chosen for its inherent sturdiness, adaptability, and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for creating detailed profiles from the basic to the complex. The extruded aluminum frames in our systems provide significant strength and are rust-resistant, enhancing the durability of your porch upgrade. Experience the outstanding advantages that extruded aluminum brings to our Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems.

Details make a difference. That’s why Durkin’s is proud to offer our two-piece aluminum powder-coated trim kit. Available in two sizes, this trim kit is the essential element that completes your Porch Enclosure System. Featuring a smooth, low gloss finish that matches your panels, this trim neatly hides screws and ensures a refined appearance both indoors and outdoors. Our Geocell Phantom translucent sealant, precisely color-matched to your panels, provides a weatherproof seal that’s as fashionable as it is practical. Discover true sophistication with meticulous detailing exclusive to Durkin’s.

Adjusting your space to suit the weather is effortless with Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System. On balmy days, transform your space into a screen enclosure with ease. Our clever window pane design enables quick removal and reinstallation. Enhance your porch comfort effortlessly — simply slide the panes out from the bottom to enjoy screened days, and slide them back in when the weather cools. Your comfort, is tailored to your preferences.

Experience a breakthrough in porch enclosures with FlexScreen®, uniquely integrated into Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems. Made from spring steel coated with exterior-grade PVC, FlexScreen frames provide exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and resilience against harsh weather. Featuring a tension-based installation, the frame neatly vanishes into the screen pocket, allowing for uninterrupted views of the outdoors. FlexScreen® is also designed for convenience; it can be effortlessly removed and replaced in moments, simplifying cleaning and maintenance.


Available Features & Customization Options


Leveraging the adaptability of aluminum, our extrusion process crafts precise profiles that strengthen Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems. This method provides sustained durability, resistance to rust, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for simple or complex designs, these extrusions are utilized in commercial, architectural, and industrial settings, demonstrating their robustness and ease of upkeep. Discover the lasting performance of Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems, underpinned by superior aluminum extrusion.


Upgrade your porch with our two-piece aluminum powder-coated trim kit, designed for a sleek integration and refined appearance. Available in two sizes to suit various gap dimensions, this innovative design easily attaches, concealing screws with a snap-on cover. Its low gloss finish matches the panels making it suitable for interior and exterior applications.

For a perfect weatherproof barrier, consider our Geocell Phantom translucent sealant. For minor scratches, we offer touch-up paint in bottles and slim pens.


Enjoy the ease of customizable comfort with Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System on pleasant, airy days. Easily convert your porch into a cool screen enclosure with our straightforward window pane design. The panes can be swiftly removed and replaced, allowing you to adjust to the changing weather effortlessly. Simply lift and slide the panes out from the bottom to remove, and reinstall, lift them, slot the pane into the channel, and let it slide back into position. Delight in the adaptability of personalized relaxation as you enjoy the outdoors on your terms.


Explore the pinnacle of Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems with the exclusive FlexScreen®. Made from durable spring steel coated in exterior-grade PVC, FlexScreen® stands up to the elements, resists scratches, and is incredibly robust. The frame, held by tension, blends seamlessly into the screen pocket for a clear view. Its design allows for quick and easy installation and removal, simplifying maintenance. Experience the convenience and quality of FlexScreen®, a vital component of our renowned Durkin’s Porch Enclosure Systems.

Adapt to the Shifting Seasons with Porch Enclosure Systems by Durkin’s!


Details for Our Durkin’s Porch Enclosure System


  • Overall height of window panels with transom can reach up to 108″.
  • Transom heights are available with fixed glass from 10″ to 36″.
  • Transom heights with sliding glass range from 14″ to 36″.
  • Window panels are designed with a minimum width of 27″ and a maximum width of 96″.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels are offered with a minimum width of 10″ and a maximum width of 36″


  • Main sliding window panel height: Up to 72″.
  • Main sliding window panel width: Minimum 27″, Maximum 96″.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels width: Minimum 10″, Maximum 36″.


  • Total height of window panels with base: Maximum 120″.
  • Base heights with fixed glass range from 12″ to 36″.
  • Base heights with sliding glass range from 14″ to 36″.
  • Window panels width: Minimum 27″, Maximum 96″.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels width: Minimum 10″, Maximum 36″.

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Options for Customization

Frame Finishes

Image 1

SS9016 White Textured

Image 1

SS1013 Almond Textured

Image 2

SS1019 Sand Textured

Image 3

SS8017 Chocolate Textured

Image 4

SS8022 Espresso Textured

Image 1

SS7022 Bronze Textured

Image 1

SS905C Ander Black Textured

Image 2

SS7043 Mineral Gray Textured

Image 3

SS7042 Graystone Textured

Image 4

SS7031 Steel Blue Textured

Image 4

SS5011 Navy Blue Textured

Image 4

SS3005 Burgundy Textured

Image 4

SS6005 Forest Green Textured

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