Lewisboro Tent Rentals

Do you have a wedding, graduation party, or holiday event coming up in Lewisboro? Not sure where to start? How about at Durkin’s! At Durkin’s, we can provide you with excellent and high-quality tents. We will help you with setup, maintenance, and even takedown. We want your event to be absolutely unforgettable and are here to make it happen.

We can assist you with:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Festivals
  • Events
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Wedding Tent Interior
SailCloth Tent Wedding
Pole Tent Dining Area

Our Different Tent Rentals

Frame Tents

Frame tents are a popular option at Durkin’s and are generally recommended for when tents cannot be staked down. They can work over places like patios,  driveways, and even where water sprinklers are present. While they are mainly unenclosed, you will always have the option for side curtains. You will also have the option for a clear-top tent if you so choose. Regardless, your tent can  range in size from 10’x10’ to 40’x120′.

Pole Tents

Pole Tents range from 20’x 20’ to 80’x 220’ and can be for any sized event. Whether you are expecting 10 people or over 1,000, these high-quality tents have you covered. Like frame tents, they come unenclosed but have optional side curtains. Unlike frame tents, however, these tents will require an open area for installation. Pole tents also come in two varieties: regular and high peak century.

Sailcloth Tents

Our most popular tent rental is the sailcloth tent. It ranges 44’ x 43’ to 59’ x 119’ and is sure to make your Lewisboro event a success. Sailcloth tents are expertly crafted to withstand water, wind, and other elements. They also add a touch of charm to any venue. It will reflect natural daylight during daytime and provide a high glow during the evening.

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Tent Rentals for All Occasions in Lewisboro

Lewisboro Wedding Tent Rentals

They say your wedding is the biggest day of your life. So naturally, you want your Lewisboro wedding to be perfect. But have no fear! Durkin’s has over one hundred years of experience and therefore knows exactly how to handle them. Whether your event in Lewisboro to have  a vintage vibe, an elegant impression, or a modern mood, we are here to make it happen. We work only with the best decorators, planners, and caterers in the area. That way, you can relax while we make your special day into magic!

You want your wedding in Lewisboro to be a day to remember. So do we. That is why we only use the highest quality and most beautiful materials to construct our tents. We will also use the natural features of your venue to accentuate and furnish any space.

Durkin’s has everything you need for your Lewisboro wedding. We can build complexes that allow your guests to move from tent to tent, offer tablecloths and linens, and even provide dishes. No need to run from shop to shop when you have us. We are happy to take care of it all.

Lewisboro Event & Party Tent Rentals

Why rent a tent? Because some events are so short that it doesn’t make sense to buy one. We understand that. We also understand that you have different needs. That is why we have the largest selection in the area. Call us today and we will be happy to help you choose one that suits your needs.

Whether your Lewisboro event will have 10 people or 1,000, we are here to help you choose the tent that is right for you and your event. For a hundred years, we have handled events all around the Lewisboro area and know what we are talking about. After you choose, we will even help install and remove your tent.

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Frame Tent Dining Area
Sailcloth Tents
Dining Area
Sailcloth Tent Event Space
Pole Tent Dining Area

Tent Sales in Lewisboro, NY

But maybe your event is long term. In that case, it may be more practical to buy a tent. If that’s the case, then it’s no problem. In addition to our rental services, we also have tents for purchase. You can either choose one from our inventory or order a brand new one.

Additional Party Rentals offered in Lewisboro

Turnkey Party Rentals

When you choose a turnkey package, you can sit back and relax while we take care of pulling everything together. We will include anything and everything you may need. Whether it be caterers, dishes, electrical generators, or bathroom facilities, we have you covered. We even have more niche items such as dancefloors, heating systems, and connecting canopies. And you can be assured, that it will always be of the highest quality. At Durkin’s, wwe work only with the finest New York and Connecticut companies.

Farm Tables

Want a product that’s exclusive to the area and supports local business? Our Dark Walnut Farm Tables can provide your event with that. They measure 8′ x 42″ wide and are made from start to finish in Litchfield County, CT. All the wood is locally sourced and is then masterfully modeled at our shop.

Interactive Party Planning Software

Even if you are situated away from Lewisboro, NY Durkin’s has the tools to make your event a success. PartyCAD is our interactive party-planning program that allows you to plan all your details remotely. You will also be able to visualize your event and better organize all the components.

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Why Durkin’s for your Lewisboro Tent Rental?

Durkin’s has been in business for nearly a hundred years and we have the experience that comes along with it. Whether you are planning your Lewisboro event is a wedding, festival, or something else, we have the skills and expertise needed to make it successful.


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