New Haven County Tent Rentals

Durkin’s has been providing the New Haven County, CT region with the best and most affordable tent rental services for over 100 years. We have more than four generations of experience behind us that has allowed us to craft all our services to best suit your needs. We cover your entire event with tent rentals service, complete with entire set up and take down. Our wide selection of tents establishes a beautiful and functional environment for your New Haven County event. We strive to make your celebration memorable and give you the event you have been planning for and dreaming of.

We can help with:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation Parties
  • Festivals
  • Events
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Wedding Tent Interior
SailCloth Tent Wedding
Pole Tent Dining Area

Our Different Tent Rentals

Frame Tents

The frame tents come in a wide range of sizes, from 10’x10’x all the way to 40’x120’. We also offer select sizes in our popular Clear Top Tent option. The frame tents are an extremely practical and versatile option when your venue does not allow staked tents. Rather than worrying about coverings, our frame tents give you dependable and attractive shade. The frame structure also allows for coverage over patios and side house structures, as well as driveways and additional areas. They offer no further obstruction and come with optional side curtains to give you added privacy.

Pole Tents

Our pole tent selections are great for large events and hosting big groups of people. They range in size from 20’x20’ all the way up to 80’x220’. The pole tents come in two possible variations: regular pole tents and high peak Century tents. They can be altered and selected to fit any sized event. If you need to sit 20 people or over 1,000 people, the pole tent is right for you. They also come with optional side curtains, but they do require an open area to guarantee proper installation.

Sailcloth Tents

The Tidewater Sailcloth Tent options are the most sought after and desired tent option from our New Haven County customers. They are a beautiful option, complete with sculpted peaks and eaves, flowing in translucent cloth. This sailcloth material helps enhance the lighting, no matter the timing of the event. Daytime events are matched with warm natural light, and evening gatherings have a soft and comfortable glow. With Durkin’s, your Tidewater Sailcloth tents are made from 100% waterproof material. They are durable and ready to stand strong for your New Haven County event. Ranging from 44’x43’ up to 59’x119’, select your Tidewater Sailcloth Tent today.

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Tent Rentals for All Occasions in New Haven County

New Haven County Wedding Tent Rentals

Durkin’s is dedicated to helping create the perfect environment for your New Haven County wedding event. Wedding events are special and require the proper attention to guarantee a memorable and smoothly executed day. With our rental services, we can help you worry less and enjoy more. Our tent selection allows you to enhance whatever tone or style you are looking for. From light garden parties to elegant celebrations and everything in between, we have the tent for you to bring your vision to life.

We work directly with your wedding day planners, caterers, and even decorators to take advantage of the space available and use it to your best interest. We use the natural elements around your New Haven County venue to capitalize on creating a comfortable environment for your wedding guests to enjoy. All of our tents are made out of the highest quality, promising you a trustworthy wedding tent structure.

Our tent complex option is a great selection to allow your guests to move from tent to tent while enjoying your New Haven County wedding event. Our tent complexes are only one of the options in our additional wedding rentals. We can also help with tables, linens, dishes, and any other aspect you would like help with. Durkin’s is dedicated to helping your New Haven County wedding be the day you always dreamed of.

New Haven County Event & Party Tent Rentals

If you are preparing to host an event or any other kind of festivity, we have the tent rentals for you. Our tent options are affordable for your budget and offer quality coverings with attractive aesthetics. From birthdays to graduations and all the celebrations in between, our tent rentals prevent you from paying overly expensive prices.

We help all of our New Haven County clients with entire tent installation and removal for events. We can cater to whatever needs you have. Seating anywhere from 10 people to over 1,000 people, our tents are convenient and effective. Durkin’s is the trusted tent rental company for the New Haven County, CT region.

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Frame Tent Dining Area
Sailcloth Tents
Dining Area
Sailcloth Tent Event Space
Pole Tent Dining Area

Tent Sales in New Haven County, CT

Sometimes you are looking for long term uses of tents and want more than a one-time rental. Durkin’s additionally offers tent sales in New Haven County to help you have a dependable tent ready and at your disposal. Our tent sales come from our both our new and extensive inventory. To learn more about our tent sales options, call today to speak with a Tent Sales Representative.

Additional Party Rentals offered in New Haven County

Turnkey Party Rentals

At Durkin’s, we understand all the effort that goes into planning for an event. Instead of making it more stressful, we are dedicated to making it as easy and seamless as possible for our New Haven County customers. We work directly with the best companies to the Connecticut and New York area to provide you with a complete planning package. We cover all of your needs, including catering, dishware, crystal, floral decorations, and even special lighting effects.

We also offer connecting canopies, tables, chairs, and heating systems for those events on colder days. Our Dark Walnut Dance Floors help create an attractive and appealing designated area for you and your guests to dance the night away. To learn more about the services we offer, call to speak with a Tent Rental Representative today.

Farm Tables

Measured at 8’x42” wide, our Dark Walnut Farm Tables are perfect for your family-style meals. Our lumber is locally harvested from Litchfield County and crafted in our personal shop. Our tables are perfect for guest seating or head tables for couples.

Interactive Party Planning Software

Durkin’s offer a unique service with our interactive PartyCAD program. This software allows you to visualize the event and pre-plan and arrange for the layout. This is especially helpful is you are not local or physically near the New Haven County venue. To work with a representative and plan your event, call to schedule an appointment.

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Why Durkin’s for your New Haven County Tent Rental?

With over a century of experience and dedicated work to serving the people of New Haven County, CT, Durkin’s is here for all of your planning needs. From weddings to graduation parties to neighborhood gatherings and everything in between, we are here to help make your event wonderful, memorable, and enjoyable.


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