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Why It is Important to Get All Your Event Rentals from One Company

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If you are planning any private event or party, you will need to not only rent tents, but also tables, chairs and so much more. It is highly recommended that you rent all these items from one company. By doing so, there are many benefits that can help you throw a fantastic party. 

These Benefits Include:

1. Discounts

By making the choice to get your party rentals from one place, you will be able to get a generous discount on your overall order. You can then use this discount to help make your party even more spectacular. After all, money should never get in the way of hosting a party for friends and family. 

It is important to consider that larger events get even bigger discounts. That being said, you can make the choice to purchase more tables, seats, and linens to get an even better deal. 

2. Easy Transportation

Getting all your rental needs from different places increases the chance that all your necessities for the party will not show up on time. There have been many cases of delays when getting items from different companies, which also means that not everything will show up at the same time. 

On the other hand, if you hire all your event rentals from one company, you will not only get a free or discounted transportation price provided to you, but they will also do the loading and offloading for you. 

3. Guaranteed Conformity

By ordering event rentals from the same place, you can trust that all the pieces, including tables and chairs, will all match. It is important to keep in mind, if you choose to order pieces from different companies, this is not a guarantee. 

Any party you host should have pieces that are uniform because it will give a great first impression to the guests as soon as they arrive. Therefore, be sure that one company provides you with everything you need, from tents all the way to linens. 


Be sure that party tables, chairs, and any other event rentals are purchased using the same company. Durkin’s Incorporated can help you with your needs by offering all these  items and more. Please contact us today to schedule your next event at (203) 742-2142.

MackAdminWhy It is Important to Get All Your Event Rentals from One Company