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Tips for a Complete Tent Rental Checklist

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If you are planning a special outdoor event with family and friends you are sure to find yourself faced with a number of questions and challenges.  When planning any event, you want to ensure that your event is as perfect as perfect can be.  With that said, adhering to a checklist can certainly help you accomplish this very task. 

First and foremost, it makes good sense to work with a professional rental company who can ensure that a) you don’t miss any of the details, b) you stay within budget and c) your event is successful.  When you rely upon a tent rental company you can be sure every ‘T’ will be crossed and every ‘I’ will be dotted.  

Important First Steps

When planning your event and setting out to hire the perfect tent rental company, you must first put a specified budget in place.  It is impossible to plan a perfect event if you don’t take time out to determine the budget you have to work with.  Setting every aspect of your event in motion will require a budget, an overall plan, and a whole lot of time.  When choosing your rental company, there are a couple of tips to assist you in making your ideal selection.  

  • Focus on the Type of Event – It makes perfect sense that the type of the event you are planning will serve as a foundation for determining what type of rental items you may need to obtain.  From a birthday party, baby shower, or graduation to an actual wedding ceremony, the number of tables and chairs as well as linens you will need will vary.  Be sure that your vendor of choice can accommodate the number of tables and chairs as well as your personal taste and style.
  • Determine the Best Venue – Depending on the number of guests, the time of year and the event itself, you want to give proper attention to the venue itself.  When hosting your event outdoors, again a top-rated tent rental company can play a significant role in the proper organization and success of your event.  Be sure that your rental company of choice can accommodate the number of tents you need as well as the appropriate sizes.  In addition, you may want to consider having a separate rental tent for the entertainment as well as a rented dance floor to make dancing the night away comfortable and a whole lot of fun for everyone.
  • The Size of Your Event – Most people who take time to plan a special event typically want to have the best of everything in order to ensure their event is a smashing success.  With that said, be sure your vendor has a variety of linens, table cloths and napkins to choose from.  Remember, you have a budget to adhere to, so take time out and compare their linen styles, colors and prices when making your all-important decision.  There are a variety of linen choices that present with a classy look but won’t put a damper on your event budget.  
  • Event Decorations and Extras – Decorations are an important component of any planned event.  Again, be sure to consult with your event budget before setting out to choose the perfect decorations.  There are a wide range of decorations you can choose from and a number of colors you can go with as well.  Start by choosing your color scheme and then from there you can pick and choose all the coordinating decorations to help make your event an event not soon to be forgotten.  Your rental company should offer you a wide range of table settings, place cards, vases and flowers as well as balloons, party favors of all types and even video services or a fun-filled photo booth. Surely decorations can add to your event, but when considering all your options don’t forget the budget!

The Go-To Tent Rental Source

Planning a special event certainly takes a whole lot of time and focus as well as a specified budget.  To make your event successful and memorable, why not put your trust in the hands of one of the best all round tent rental companies this side of the state.  Look to the pros here at Durkin’s Inc. for all your party needs. Call us at 203-742-2142 to learn more 

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