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Tent Rental: A Guide To Choosing the Right Tent for Special Events

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Caterers, party planners, and florists are all professionals you’ll need to enlist in your special event or party planning process. But don’t forget about the tent rentals too.

The tent will serve as your backdrop, seating area, dance floor, and more for your special event. To make sure your tent does its job, it’s important to expect quality equipment and how to get the best deal on one. They’ll be upfront with you. Customer satisfaction is important, after all.

Why consider Tent rentals?

If you’re planning to have an outdoor reception for your special event and you want to hire a company that offers event services, it’s important to consider tent rentals unless you have an indoor venue in case of rain. Having a tent set up can help ensure that you’ll enjoy your party no matter what mother nature has planned.

You may not have any rain, but the heat inside an indoor event can be stifling. An outdoor venue can help you keep guests cool and comfortable during the event.

Tents are portable, so renting one gives you more flexibility to have your special event where you want it. You can use them for family reunions, parties, gatherings, and even corporate events. Many tent rental companies also provide tables and chairs at an all-inclusive price, so you don’t have to rent them separately.

Tent Size

One of your first tent rental questions should be how big your tent needs to be. For some tent party purposes, such as an outdoor picnic, you may only need one small tent; but if you’re having a party with several different elements—such as food stations, seating areas, and entertainment areas—you’ll want more space.

You can also use tent calculators online to help estimate how many people your tent can hold. You need to specifically ask that from your event services company. For example, if your guest list is 120 people (some family reunions reach that number) and you want plenty of room between tables and chairs, then a 30-foot by 40-foot will be sufficient.

If your guest list includes up to 240 people (corporate events) and everyone will be standing during cocktail hour and dinner time, then a 40-foot by 80-foot will be perfect for you. Tent rental companies typically offer 10′ x 10′ models in increments of 10′.

Don’t be overwhelmed with all of these measurements and details. If you have any specific requirements, ensure you communicate them with the tent rental company.

You should also have backup plans in case you need more tents than anticipated—there is nothing worse than not having enough space on a beautiful day! If possible, rent an extra tent if you think it will help prevent any issues at your special event.

Wedding Tent Rentals

An outdoor wedding event is popular because of the ambiance, intimacy, and protection from the elements. To get started with your special event, here are things that you must consider about wedding tents:

Tent Model

When thinking of tent rentals for your event, think of what you want to achieve with your wedding tent. Think about the weather, your decor, and the space you need depending on how many guests attend. These are the most common tent models for wedding events.

Pole Tents

A pole tent has a center pole, two side poles, ratchets, and a tent top. Typically, these tents are put up in the grass with 42-inch stakes buried to support them.

Frame Tents

Frame tents have an open steel shell that is covered with PVC fabric. These tents are great for outdoor weddings because they provide a unique, eye-catching look, and they protect your guests from wind and rain.

They also allow air to flow through, which can be important if you’re having a hot summer wedding! The only downside is that these structures require some extra setup time—you’ll need to install frames before setting up your tent.

Clear Tops

Clear tops, on the other hand, provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, offering views of the surrounding landscape design. It’s a great way to create an outdoor wedding without sacrificing elegance.

Tent Layout 

A sketch of how your tent will be laid out during your event is a must. For everything to run smoothly, you should know what are the best locations for your guests, wedding reception, buffet, and stage. Using a pen and paper, make an outline of how you envision your layout.

Find Your Perfect Location

The right venue is an important consideration to keep in mind when planning special events. The venue will influence your tent rental selection. The venue brings challenges from surfaces, climate, as well as landscape.

You may want to consider clear sidewalls for a location with spectacular views and warmer weather. This way, you will have a great view without worrying about the heat. You should also check trees, power lines, and possible obstacles to the rental installation.

Make sure that the size of the tent suits the location of your event. It shouldn’t take over the whole area. For the stakes, find a flat spot 10 feet from any building.

Rules for Special Events

For special events, especially wedding rentals, be sure to review any rules that are imposed. Do you need stakes to be driven directly into the ground? Are there any noise restrictions for events? When can you start setting up? It may take up to four days to assemble a tent, so knowing this detail in advance is important for the success of your event.

Tent Accessories for your events

Choosing how to decorate your event tent is nearly limitless. Whether you’re throwing a wedding, corporate party, or any other special occasion, there are some great ways to dress up your rented space and make it into something truly memorable. Here are some ideas for creating an outdoor party that is absolutely fabulous!


Lighting is an easy and cost-effective way to accessorize a rental tent. Lightning adds atmosphere, can help set a mood, and can be used to highlight certain elements in your décor. Rental tents are typically white, so lighting really makes them stand out!

Here are some lighting options for your event:

  • string lights
  • lanterns
  • chandeliers
  • floor lamps
  • sconces


Drapery is one of those tent accessories not necessary for every event but can add a dramatic touch inside your tent. It’s also something you don’t want to forget if you want a well-decorated tented wedding.

Drape your tent with quality linen for an air of sophistication and elegance, or let it cascade down from above for an elegant-looking event that evokes images of old Hollywood glamour.

Flooring Tent Accessories

Typically, formal events such as weddings require flooring. Adding flooring helps make your event space look more polished, and your guests won’t have to worry about tripping over anything.

Dance Floors

A party with dance floors is one that no one wants to miss! Create special moments for your guests by adding dance floors to your outdoor event. Women wearing high heels will appreciate that you have provided them with an opportunity to show off their moves as well as create unforgettable photos.

For weddings, a dance floor helps set the mood for the event and provides an enjoyable atmosphere during this once in a lifetime event. You can expect your guests to have a blast, so it’s a great addition to have during such an event.

Table Linens

Table linens can be rented with most tent rentals and is an easy way to add color or theme to your event, especially for weddings. Event rentals can help ensure that you have enough party rental equipment for any size event!

Make sure to write down everything you need from tents, and chairs before you contact the rental company so you won’t forget anything.

Bridal Party Set Up

Are you planning a traditional long table setting for your wedding? If so, you will need a space to seat your bridesmaids and groomsmen. To ensure a smooth flow during your event, ensure you have tables and chairs to seat your guests for your reception.

What to Look for in Party Rentals

The golden rule when obtaining services is you get what you pay for. That includes hiring a party rental company. 

Consider a company that offers reasonable prices and avoid the cheapest ones since you may end up being disappointed. To be safe, be sure to also check reviews and recommendations, especially from loved ones and friends. 


Avoid companies that provide event services who don’t answer the phone when you call or who don’t return calls immediately. This only shows a lack of reliability. If anything goes wrong during your event, you want someone who will be available to assist you.


Get a written quote from that vendor before you commit to any service, including installation, cost breakdown, delivery, and down payment. Working with a company that is transparent will ensure the success of your event. Plus, they have to be competitively-priced.

Cancellations and Order Changes

Know ahead of time what happens if you decide before your event that you no longer want a tent. Could you reschedule the event? Things like this can happen, so it’s better to be prepared. Ensure you review the fine print of cancellation policies and get them in writing to avoid surprises in the future.

Additional Services 

Many tent companies also provide tables and chairs, as well as dance floors, stages, linens, catering, and decor. Choose a provider that can help you with everything you need for your event. As a result, there will be less confusion, and it’s easier to work with one vendor instead of several companies.

Get the Party Started

Special events like birthdays, weddings and other events can be hosted outdoors to create more space. This also allows you the flexibility to design the way you want, since you are not restricted by the structural limitations of indoor venues.

Getting a tent rental is one of the first things you should consider when planning an outdoor event, not only for shade and protection from the weather but also for the convenience and enjoyment of your guests.

Durkin’s Inc offers tent rentals in Connecticut for all your events. Whether you need a wedding tent, event tent, or party tent, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer event services such as clean up and set up to make sure that you are fully prepared for your special events. Visit durkinsinc.com for more information on our services.

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Types of Awnings for my Home in Connecticut

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With all of their uses, awnings aren’t only limited to protecting your house from the rain or UV rays. Awnings are an expression of your unique style, so choose wisely. There are residential awnings that add appeal to your home and commercial awnings that improve the overall appearance of your commercial building.

You can also find companies who make custom awnings depending on your liking. We will talk about the different awning types for your home and business in Connecticut.

The different types of awnings include stationary awnings, freestanding awnings, and retractable awnings. We’ll also talk about canopies and pergola awnings in Connecticut.

Stationary awnings

The addition of stationary awnings to a fixed shade system is a terrific idea. It’s best to install this beautiful awning under your roofs. These structures will accommodate decks, patios, and even freestanding cabanas at the poolside.

These fabric awnings can be custom-designed to match your specific needs. They are built to endure the elements and can be used to protect businesses and residential during summer, spring, and fall. You can use this stationary awning as residential and commercial awnings.

When needed, side curtains and solar screens can easily be installed to provide additional protection and makes your building more attractive. It also protects you from too much exposure to UV rays that cause skin cancer.

Aside from that, you can also attach this structure to your home, keeping water out of your awning living space. Regardless if you get it alone or custom-designed, make sure to build away from the building. This way, you can keep water out—and your property safe.

Each application of the awning can be different depending on your preference. Some knowledgeable agents can go over the numerous alternatives to find the ideal approach for your outdoor space.

However, the stationary awning is a three-season home extension, meaning it can’t resist snow load during winter. In the fall, the awning fabric coverings should be removed and reinstalled in the spring.

Drop Screens

Drop screens are awning a popular accessory, which you can mount to the sides of any stationary awning. They can be a massive relief in the late afternoon to keep the sun out. You can roll up these screens to your windows when not in use. Today’s mesh materials allow the sun’s rays to be filtered while maintaining visibility.

Free Standing Awnings

Freestanding awnings are ideal when your windows need protection or any other existing structure. It’s perfect for your outdoor needs. And you can also use it as awning canopies, creating your new haven.

Family-owned swimming pool areas can be given a little more shade by determining how much space is needed and looking at various designs. Using this type of awnings to protect your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays is an excellent approach to preventing skin cancer.

Retractable Awnings

residential retractable awningRetractable awnings have become a fantastic shading choice for on-demand protection for homes. It gives you shelter and your windows protection. Plus, it’s collapsible, allowing you to stow it away from your windows when you don’t need it.

There is no need for a yearly service. Simply fold the awning, and you’re ready to store for the winter. It saves you from annual service and repair. And you can also use it as patio awnings. You can use this awning on your deck or patio roofs outdoors to protect yourself from the sun.

Best of all, owners can mount this type of awning in both residential and commercial properties.


A retractable deck awning can be motorized to make life easier. Motorized systems account for more than 95% of retractable awning sales for residential and commercial purposes. People use retractable awnings more frequently and take better care of them than manual systems. And yes, that applies for both business and home use.


However, there are restrictions on retractable awnings. They’re vulnerable to the strong wind because they lack any support on top. So, if you’re thinking of using retractable awnings for your business, think again.

Also, the fabric of this awning can’t withstand a load of snow. That’s why awnings should be retracted when not used to reduce their exposure to the wind and snow.

Automated Solution

A retractable awning can automatically retract if motion sensors detect the wind. It makes it easier to avoid having to monitor the weather constantly. You can also install mood-lighting to your awning for additional appeal during nighttime.

Generally, a retractable awning is versatile, convenient, easy to use, and excellent protection and shade from the sun. Hence, it’s one of the best window products for residential or commercial purposes.

Let’s take a deep look at the features of a retractable awning:

1. Constant Tension Retractable Systems 

Retractable awning shade systems come in various shapes and sizes. Transverse shading products can now extend over external structures such as atriums, pergolas, and similar structures.

Also, automatic systems that maintain a constant tension can be a great boon to those who suffer from sunburns. This awning is perfect for deck and patio covers, keeping customers dry and shielded from the heat, wind, and rain.

Aside from that, a retractable awning has a water-proof, fire-retardant fabric used in these systems for maximum security. Simply hit the button, and everything will work.

2. Traversing mesh screen systems

Shade can be given in a large area with simple cable connections and mesh fabric. It can be manually retracted and expanded at any given time.

In other words, this awning could be the answer to your shade and budgetary concerns.

Canopies in Eastern Connecticut

The many uses of a canopy will serve you whether you’re searching for protection from the sun or just trying to change up your backyard. Here are some of the most popular awnings canopies:


A pergola awning can add another design dimension to your home while providing much-needed shade in the summer. Some companies offer customized pergola installation to assist you in staying cool outside. For instance, you can choose ones made from aluminum or other materials.

Generally, this awning consists of extruded aluminum, guaranteeing great weather and wind resistance. And thanks to the added aluminum, it can protect your patio or deck from sun and rain.

Shade Canopies

This awning is for you if you seek a different way to add style to your backyard. You can locate a new shade component for your outdoor BBQs or get solid protection from the sun with awnings canopies.

This canopy will turn your backyard into the go-to area in various styles and sizes. As a result, it’s quickly become one of the most popular residential awnings.

Garden Canopies

A garden canopy awning is a fantastic solution for your outdoor space to keep you sheltered from harsh rays and insects. With its beauty and design, this canopy will provide you with a relaxing retreat in your garden. This type of canopy also comes in different sizes and styles.

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The Best Tent Rentals for Any Event

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During this Covid-19 Pandemic, holding outdoor events has become pretty much the norm.  No matter what the occasion, festivity or celebration, one of the top trends in our country right now is that of celebrating outdoors.  When you host an outdoor event, you are providing your guests with a safe and refreshing venue whether you are hosting in your backyard, your garden, on the beach or even in an open field, your special event affords your guests a beautiful, charming and scenic atmosphere for everyone to celebrate.

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Retractable Awnings and Canopies Add Style and Protection to Your Windows

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Whether the warm spring air, the hot scorching summer sun, the brisk fall season or the cold winter temperatures, spending time outdoors with family, friends or even employees is something we all take great joy in.  From backyard celebrations and gatherings, to company holiday events and festivities, the occasions and celebrations are many.  Whether you are scheduling that special birthday party, an Easter egg hunt, Fourth of July fireworks, a Halloween ghostly event or the most festive companywide holiday gathering, ensuring that your guests are both happy and comfortable makes for a successful event.  With that said, the team here at Durkin’s, Inc. takes pride in our top-of-the-line canopies and retractable awnings we offer all our valued clients. 

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How to Reduce Energy Usage with Stylish Window Awnings

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Reducing energy consumption is something every homeowner and business owner has made a
priority in their efforts to improve not only the environment and their individual energy efficiency
but their overall utility costs as well. There are a number of measures both residential and
commercial property owners can take with regard to appliances, electronic devices and other
technical components on the interior of their home or business, but very limited measures you can
take on the exterior of your property to reduce overall energy usage. One of the most effective
measures you can take on the exterior of your business or home is that of installing energy efficient
and cost-effective window awnings from the folks here at Durkin’s Inc.

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Why Commercial Awnings are a Good Investment for Business Owners

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Durkin’s Inc. has been in business for over 100 years and is recognized as one of the best all round providers of commercial awnings in the Northeast.  Many Connecticut business owners have relied upon our durable, stylish and custom-made awnings for years.  With that in mind, the team here at Durkin’s wants to share some of the many benefits you can enjoy when you choose to install commercial awnings for your business.

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What Type of Canopy is Right for You?

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If you are like so many other homeowners, you are always looking for ways to enhance both the aesthetic appeal as well as the value of your home.  There are a number of ways to do that and here at Durkin’s Inc. we can help.  Whether you are looking for shelter from the sun on your backyard patio or deck or perhaps you want to create and design a new outdoor living space, rest assured the professionals here at Durkin’s Inc. have got you covered. 

Here at Durkins we offer a wide range of canopies from pergolas and shade canopies to even stylish garden canopies.   Depending upon your individual needs you can always rely upon the pros here at Durkins to help with all your important-decision making when it comes to the look, feel and comfort of your outdoor living space. 

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Tips for a Complete Tent Rental Checklist

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If you are planning a special outdoor event with family and friends you are sure to find yourself faced with a number of questions and challenges.  When planning any event, you want to ensure that your event is as perfect as perfect can be.  With that said, adhering to a checklist can certainly help you accomplish this very task. 

First and foremost, it makes good sense to work with a professional rental company who can ensure that a) you don’t miss any of the details, b) you stay within budget and c) your event is successful.  When you rely upon a tent rental company you can be sure every ‘T’ will be crossed and every ‘I’ will be dotted.  

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The Best Awning or Canopy for Your Home This Fall

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Choosing an awning takes planning to figure out which one is right for you. One of the most important factors when choosing an awning is knowing when you plan to use your awning. Some families enjoy escaping the summer sun under the shade of an awning, while others enjoy sitting outside in the cooler spring and fall weather. Different types of awnings are more suitable for different seasons, and it’s important to figure out which one will fit your needs best. 

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How to Use a Tent to Promote Your Business

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Tents are not only useful for parties and events, they can also be used for businesses, venues, or expos. Many businesses use a variety of tents small and large for all kinds of purposes. Tents have provided businesses a way to promote themselves to many people, with lots of positive results. Here’s how tents can help expand your businesses when at venues.

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