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Find the Perfect Tent for Your Next Fall Event

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Durkin Inc. has been around for over a century and has been recognized as one of the premier industry leaders in the Northeast. With over a 99% customer satisfaction rate, it goes without saying that we provide each customer with exactly what they are looking for. 

We have a wide variety of tent options for any occasion. This may be something to think about when you are planning your next fall event!

Frame Tents

Frame tents are very versatile and can be used for a variety of events. These tents are unique because they can either have a solid white top, a clear top that gives a glass window feel, or a partially clear top. Both ends of the tent are flat which means that the party will go on, rain or shine. This also allows us to create a tighter and cleaner extension to any tent or permanent structure. Durkin’s frame tents offer great coverage, shade, and protection during your event.

Frame tents are ideal for any occasion and can help cover any patio, driveway, lawn, or walkway. Some of our popular events include weddings, private parties, and sporting events. These tents ensure that a little rain won’t be a damper on your party plans.

Pole Tents

One of the reasons customers love our pole tents is because of their beauty and elegance. This elegance comes from the pole structure which allows you to add small yet impactful details for your event. In the past, our customers have used the poles to add decorations such as ivy, flowers, fabric, and ribbons. The options are limitless and include anything that you can think of!

Durkin’s Inc. uses sturdy fabric to offer prime protection and coverage that acts as a functioning roof and an attractive cover. Similar to frame tents, pole tents are very versatile and are especially popular for outdoor wedding receptions. With the help of the poles, they have very high “ceilings” which give it a more open feel.

Tidewater Sailcloth Tents

Tidewater Sailcloth Tents are the most desired tent options by our customers. The high crested peaks and swooping fabric curves add to the beauty and style of sailcloth tents. It is undeniable that the finished look will only add to the elegance of your special occasion. 

The tents are made out of a durable translucent material that allows them to be used for day, evening, and nighttime. It can provide a warm light earlier on and switch to a brighter glow as the night goes on. The fabric used is also 100% waterproof, making the worry of what the weather will be one less problem for you. 

We use attractive wooden poles that help enhance the style and aesthetic that go with your event. Similar to pole tents, past customers have used the poles for further decoration and detail.

Durkin Will Provide for Your Party Needs!

Here at Durkin Inc., we don’t just provide you with trusted beautiful tents for your parties. We work together with the finest companies in Danbury and surrounding areas throughout Connecticut and New York to make sure we provide you with a complete package for your event. Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we make sure we’re able to arrange for your every need- whether it’s caterers, dishware, linens, crystal, floral decorations, special lighting effects, electrical generators, or bathroom facilities.

Our party rentals include our very own dance floors, lighting, connecting canopies, tables, chairs and heating systems. Speak with a tent sales representative for a complete list of additional services we can arrange.

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