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5 Questions to Ask a Tent Rental Company

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Renting a tent for a party or gathering can be a big decision and knowing who you can confidently rent from is important. Of course price is probably the biggest deciding factor, but here are some other questions to consider when looking for a rental company for your party.

1. Do You Have Any Reviews? 

Knowing what past customers think about the company can give you a good idea of what you are about to get into. Do your research and find out if they are truthful in pricing, if they followed through on filling any special requests, if their timing (time to set it up or break it down) was accurate, and if they treated the equipment respectfully. This will give you a good idea of how they operate their business and how past customers view them in the industry.

2.  How Long Have You Been in Business?

A company that is just starting out won’t have much history for you to review and you may just have to trust your gut, especially if you are trying to save some money. But if they have been around a while, like Durkin who has been around for over 100 years, you can have the confidence that they have the experience to make your event as great as possible. A company, like Durkin, isn’t in business this long by accident which means they have a solid history of happy customers, both repeat and new.

3.  What Is the Quality of the Tent/Equipment?

Nothing is worse than getting a tent all set up and realizing there is a tear in it or its dirty. That is why you should, if you can, be there when it is being set up to look it over and inspect the quality. You could always ask when it was out last or when it was last cleaned to ease your worries. And that doesn’t just go for tents. If you are there for delivery check the plates, glasses and other equipment to make sure they are damage free and/or working properly.

4.  What Types of Tents Do You Offer? Is There a Variety?

Different occasions will call for different tents, and no matter what the occasion Durkins has you covered, with a variety of tents:

Pole Tents – As small as 10X10 and as large as 80X220 these tents are perfect for any occasion and help accent any decor. Perfect for any lawn or soft ground parties, you will never go wrong opting for a pole and stake tent.
Frame TentsThese tents are great for large gatherings like family reunions or big birthdays. From 10’X10’ to 40’X120’ these are set up with a frame around the outside and take away the need for center poles. This makes the most use of the space and can be set up almost anywhere.
Sail Cloth Tents Here is your wedding tent! Ranging in size from 44’X43’ to 59’X119’, with at least on the center pole, this tent will cover all of your guests with room to spare. Made out a durable translucent material it offers great lighting throughout the event and is 100% waterproof. Stronger than the pole tent, but it does use wooden poles that enhance the appearance of the event and surrounding area.
Wedding tent rentals The Sail Cloth is the most popular wedding tent, but all of the above tent types can be made into wedding tents with lighting, accessories, and decorations, which Durkin can provide.

5.  Is this a “one-stop-shop” or not?

Many party rental companies do just that, rent tents and party supplies. You might have to do some research, but ask if they can handle the event set up, catering, dance floor (if needed), lighting, sound, and anything else you may need for your event. If they do, great. If not, ask if they work with or can suggest any caterers, or lighting and sound companies or anything else you need. They may have a deal with one another and would be happy to make a suggestion. If you are looking for more than just a normal six or eight-foot table take a look at the Farm Tables. They may be what you need to make the table the focal point. Or if you don’t want to have to worry about contacting many different vendors take a look at the turnkey party options, where Durkin will arrange every one of your party’s needs.

To find the right tent for your next event call Durkin at (203) 748-2142


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