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3 Reasons You Should Rent a Tent For Your Event

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Looking for ways to create a relaxing outdoor atmosphere for your next event? From frame tents to pole tents to sailcloth tents, there are plenty of options and reasons that renting a tent can have a huge impact on the outcome of your event. If you’re not sold on the idea of using a tent as your venue space, here are a few main reasons why renting a tent is the right choice for you. 

You Can’t Control the Weather

One of the biggest problems of having an outdoor party is combating the elements. There is no telling what kind of weather will happen on your special day. In order to make the weather a non-factor, it’s beneficial to take the first step in incorporating a tent in order to ensure comfort for your guests.

Installing a tent for your party will allow you to block out those scorching sun rays as well as protect your guests from imposing rain with sidewalls. These sidewalls can also be removable in case you want to create a gentle breeze for your guests. These walls can also be implemented in the evening to help protect your guests from mosquitoes and other insects that can create discomfort.

You Need Versatility for Your Space

If you are worried about the number of guests you’re hosting and if a tent will accommodate the visions of your party, there are a number of different sizes to choose from based on how many guests and decorations you need to fit in one space.

You can add certain decorations based on the size of your tent, as well as implementing a dance floor or a sitting area (including tables and chairs) to really maximize your party’s potential. Decorations and lights will add ambiance to your party, helping to create a beautiful venue for you and guests to enjoy. There is a lot of room for customization as well. With all different sizes, attachments, and decorations, you change the entire feel of your celebration with the simplistic beauty of a sailcloth water tent or a pole tent. 

You Have Limited Space

Installing a tent for a party is very easy, with the lightweight structure and minimal steps ensure a stress-free experience when getting ready for your party. If you’re considering using a tent rental company, there are plenty of questions you can ask about the setup and takedown of your tent. Even before you discuss this important process, you’ll also determine the size of your venue area. From sand to concrete, a tent can be used in limited space or to its maximum capacity to fit your desired guest amount. The many different sizes will be able to adjust to the size of your backyard or any space that is apparent to your needs. 

Take Your Event to the Next Level with a Tent Rental

Here at Durkin’s Inc, we ensure the best experience possible for our customers. We’ve been in business for over 100 years and we have what it takes to find the perfect tent for your event. To schedule an estimate with one of our tent rental specialists, please give us a call today at (203) 742-2142.

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