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How to Reduce Energy Usage with Stylish Window Awnings

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Reducing energy consumption is something every homeowner and business owner has made a
priority in their efforts to improve not only the environment and their individual energy efficiency
but their overall utility costs as well. There are a number of measures both residential and
commercial property owners can take with regard to appliances, electronic devices and other
technical components on the interior of their home or business, but very limited measures you can
take on the exterior of your property to reduce overall energy usage. One of the most effective
measures you can take on the exterior of your business or home is that of installing energy efficient
and cost-effective window awnings from the folks here at Durkin’s Inc.

Stylish Window Awnings for Both Commercial and Residential Properties

Window awnings can help minimize your overall heating and cooling costs in your home or
business throughout the cold winter months or the hot summer season. When you look to the
professionals here at Durkin’s, Inc. our team of dedicated specialists can help you design and install
window awnings that are sure to maximize efficiency in your home or business while adding to its
aesthetic appeal. Our stylish window awnings are a tremendous addition to any structure or
property and a surefire way of enhancing your home or business curb appeal. With that said, there
are a number of ways in which awnings can help homeowners and business owners cut down on
excessive energy usage and consumption. Here are a few of the most obvious benefits you can
enjoy when you choose to install stylish window awnings from the team here at Durkin’s Inc.

The Benefits of Window Awnings

A Reduced Heat Gain – When the windows in your home or business are consistently exposed to
extremely high levels of heat the accumulated heat can easily spread throughout the interior
sectors of your business or throughout your entire living space. When this occurs, it makes it very
difficult to maintain consistent yet comfortable temperatures within the specific interior settings
and certainly adds to the challenge of keeping family members or employee comfortable year-
round. When you choose to add stylish window awnings over your home or business windows, you
will drastically reduce the amount of heat that makes its way into your business interior or your
home by way of your windows. When you minimize the heat transferred to your structure’s
interior you are reducing heat gain significantly. When this occurs, homeowners and business
owners alike can experience financial benefits by way of increased energy savings, lower utility
costs and less of a hit on your pocketbook.

Further Heat Gain With Tinted Windows –If your home or business windows are constructed with tinted glass or window blinds, then chances are you are already equipped to resist heat gain at noticeable levels. However, when you choose to add window awnings, the existing tinted glass becomes even more effective and your overall energy saving more enhanced. Awnings are by far a whole lot more effective than simple tinted glass or other window films when the prevention of solar heat gain is a priority. When you combine the tinted glass with the installation of window awnings you also improve the UV protection of your interior dwellings season after season, whether winter, spring, summer or fall. The combination of tinted windows with our stylish window awnings is an effective solution for home or business owners to minimize solar heat gain and utility costs and maximize overall energy savings.

Reduce Solar Radiation During the extreme summer months your home or business structure can be greatly affected by the sun’s solar radiation.  When the UV rays of the sun come in contact with your home or business windows, they can quickly find their way into your interior spaces with the result being that of increased temperatures on the inside of your home or business.  These increased temperatures will more than likely continue to rise throughout the day.   When you rely upon the professionals here at Durkin’s to install either commercial or residential window awnings, you will then be able to take pleasure in cutting down a good amount of the sun’s UV rays and solar radiation since the awnings will actually block the rays and keep them from entering into your home or business space.  With the installation of window awnings, home and business owners are sure to experience a much cooler environment while minimizing the amount of energy that is being consumed when your air conditioning or cooling system is operating.  

The Team of Professionals You Can Rely On

Here at Durkin’s, Inc. our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists take tremendous pride in providing all our valued clients with only the highest quality window awnings and installation services for both residential and commercial settings and structures.  Our team is steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and in maintaining the marketplace visibility we have enjoyed for decades as a result of our superior customer service and customer satisfaction rating.  We strive to deliver the most energy efficient window awnings that are sure to improve home or office temperatures as well as comfort and safety issues in your home or business environment. 

For more information about the affordable, top-of-the-line window awnings we offer here at Durkin’s Inc, or to obtain more information on our wide range of other high-quality products and services, be sure to reach out to one of our team members today.  We look forward to serving you and to meeting all your individual needs.  The holiday season is certainly upon us and the New Year right around the corner.  With that said, the folks here at Durkin’s, Inc. send along wishes from our little family to everyone of yours for a very safe and Happy 2021 New Year! 

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