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Retractable Awnings and Canopies Add Style and Protection to Your Windows

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Whether the warm spring air, the hot scorching summer sun, the brisk fall season or the cold winter temperatures, spending time outdoors with family, friends or even employees is something we all take great joy in.  From backyard celebrations and gatherings, to company holiday events and festivities, the occasions and celebrations are many.  Whether you are scheduling that special birthday party, an Easter egg hunt, Fourth of July fireworks, a Halloween ghostly event or the most festive companywide holiday gathering, ensuring that your guests are both happy and comfortable makes for a successful event.  With that said, the team here at Durkin’s, Inc. takes pride in our top-of-the-line canopies and retractable awnings we offer all our valued clients. 

Here at Durkin’s Inc. our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists are steadfast in their commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and to provide only the highest quality products and services this side of the state.  We work right alongside all our clients and assist with decision making when it comes time to choose the right outdoor structure, as well as the right size and style.  When making an addition to your outdoor living space, it is important that your added structure blends nicely with your existing décor in your efforts to not only provide safety and protection as needed but to enhance the look, feel and value of your residential or commercial property as well.  Whether a canopy or a retractable awning is what you are looking for, rest assured you have definitely come to the right place. 

Knowing the Difference Between Canopies and Awnings

What actually is a canopy or an awning?  Let’s being with a simple explanation of each:

  • An Awning – An awning is a stylish canvas covering that extends outward from your home or business structure with a primary purpose of screening or shading an area located beneath a window or door.  Our stylish retractable awnings are the ideal solution for homes and businesses and can be easily stored away if necessary, with a simple click of a button.  They are every bit stylish as they are affordable and a very popular item with both residential and commercial consumers.
  • A Canopy – A canopy is supported by columns and is separate from a house or building structure.  It can extend a good deal further than your typical awning because of its unique column support structure.  Available in many sizes and colors, canopies provide not only protection and safety from the outdoor elements, but provide a stylish aesthetic appeal to your home or business property.

Let’s Look at the Various Features and Components of Awnings and Canopies

The team here at Durkin’s, Inc. wants to begin by saying that if the primary reason you are in the market for an outdoor structure for your home or business is to provide protection from the UV rays of the sun or other outdoor elements, then investing in one of our state-of-the-art retractable awnings is the surefire solution for you.  Our awnings are reliable, sturdy and built tough to be able to withstand the outdoor elements including the strong sunlight.  Our awnings provide comfortable shade to shelter all your family, friends, employees or guests at any outdoor event.  Once your event is concluded or it you simply have no need for the awning at any specific time of year, you can easily retract and close the awning and store it away with ease. 

Canopies, however, lack the same versatility that our premier awnings have.  Although they also can provide protection from the sun, they cannot be stored away as easily when you no longer have an immediate need for them.  In order to remove them, it is necessary to break them down in advance of removing and storing them and surely when it comes time to use them again, the setup can be a bit challenging and typically requires the assistance of multiple persons.   

Our retractable awnings can easily withstand heavy winds and other outdoor elements because they are actually mounted and anchored to your home or business structure where canopies are not.  A canopy can easily sway or fall over from gusting winds and even heavy rain which is why many of our customers find favor with the extensive lineup of retractable awnings we offer.  Not only are they effective, stylish and affordable, but their installation is quick and easy as is opening or closing them depending on usage and time of year.  

The Benefits of Retractable Awnings 

Our retractable awnings help to add comfort to the interior of your home or business by keeping the sunlight away from any windows and contributing to the cooler, more comfortable atmospheres within the interior of your structure as well as complimenting the look of your exterior painting of your house. In doing so, awnings can also help to minimize your utility bills, especially in the scorching hot summer months.  When you choose to install a retractable awning in your home’s backyard or on your business property you are able to take advantage of its many features and, as we mentioned above, host as many parties, gatherings and festivities as you want with employees, family, or friends season after season, all year round.  There is nothing quite as fun-filled and memorable as sharing quality time with those you love.  When you take advantage of our high-quality retractable awnings rest assured the celebration and festivities will always go on.    

For more information about our state-of-the-art retractable awnings or to obtain a free installation estimate be sure to reach out to the professionals here at Durkin’s Inc.  We offer a wide range of colorful, stylish, and affordable awnings that are sure to accent the already existing beauty and décor of your home or business structure.  The holiday season is now upon us and with that said, our team here at Durkin’s wants to send along wishes from our little family to every one of yours for a very safe, happy and prosperous 2021 New Year ahead! 

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