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The Best Tent Rentals for Any Event

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During this Covid-19 Pandemic, holding outdoor events has become pretty much the norm.  No matter what the occasion, festivity or celebration, one of the top trends in our country right now is that of celebrating outdoors.  When you host an outdoor event, you are providing your guests with a safe and refreshing venue whether you are hosting in your backyard, your garden, on the beach or even in an open field, your special event affords your guests a beautiful, charming and scenic atmosphere for everyone to celebrate.

Choose a Tent Rental

Since the average celebration or gathering is specific to a unique and specialized event, it does not make sense, if you want to celebrate outdoors, to go out and purchase a tent.  Rather, it makes more sense and is certainly more practical to rent a tent to satisfy the needs of your special event.  Here at Durkin’s Inc. our family and dedicated employees can most assuredly make your special celebratory event a whole lot more special.  We allow you to simply relax and leave all the small but important details to us.   From pole tents and frame tents to sailcloth tents our team of highly experienced specialists has got you covered.  

Further, we provide all the important details that make your special event one well worth remembering.  Whether you are in need of caterers, linens, tables, chairs, heating systems, dishware, or floral decorations our team can provide them all.  We also offer special lighting effects, crystal, bathroom facilities, electrical generators and even dance floors that light up. We understand fully well the significant role not only your event tent, but all of the accessories and extras play in the overall success and satisfaction of your special event.

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Event and Celebration

Before reaching out to the team here at Durkin’s, it is important that you have your venue decided upon in advance.  If a venue requires a reservation, be sure to confirm the venue before contacting our team.  You should also decide upon your event theme and be prepared to share with our consultants any other particulars of special items that you feel are essential to your personal event.  This helps to ensure that our team is able to meet with all your individual needs and help to turn your special outdoor event into an event that all your guests will surely remember.

Durkin’s Inc. Your Tent Rental Company

When choosing your tent rental company, it is important to verify the credibility and the reputation of the company that is going to be providing your tent which is the most important component of your outdoor event.  Here at Durkin’s, our highly skilled and experienced family and dedicated employees are sure to meet with your every need with our high-quality, top-rated products and services.  

Having earned ourselves a spot on the marketplace charts as one of the best all round tent rental companies in the region, we are confident we will not only meet with all your event needs but do so with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and satisfaction.   We provide extraordinary professional services as well as customized packages to help you with all your plans and preparations.  It is our belief and our focus that special events and occasions are called just that ‘special’ because they are typically celebrated once, which is why we are committed to making them as perfect as ‘perfect’ can be. 

Here at Durkin’s Inc., whether you are in need of one large tent or multiple tents, both small and large, for your special event, we will fulfill your every need with the greatest of commitment and focus.  We specialize in custom and standard installations and in providing our valued clients with only the highest quality equipment, products and services this side of the state.  With over 100 years of experience, our team of specialists is equipped to meet all your event needs and demands and is sure to exceed your very expectations.  We guarantee that our tents and equipment will arrive in excellent condition and will be properly installed in a timely fashion. 

The Professionals You Can Trust

Here at Durkin’s Inc., our team of event specialists are committed to making certain that your event is the absolute success you want and need it to be.  We ensure that each and every element of the process runs smoothly and without flaws.  Our family and qualified staff is not only friendly and knowledgeable, but also willing to go above and beyond for our clients.  We will come out to your venue and inspect the site if need be to ensure that you are choosing the ideal tent, equipment and package to satisfy your special event as well as the space you have available to celebrate your event.  We create a design and layout of your event and customize it when on the site to fit your space and event details perfectly. 

There is truly no event too big or too small for our team of specialists.  No matter what your celebration may be, whether a wedding, a graduation, birthday party, baby shower, a function for your painting company in Fairfield, CT or even a family gathering following a funeral, we are definitely the team for you.  You can always rely upon our dedicated specialists to give your event that added touch of class, style and charm you are looking for.  We understand full well how important your event is not only to yourself, but to your family members and to each of your special guests.   

With that said, when planning your next outdoor event for your painting company in Glastonbury, CT, be sure to reach out to the professionals here at Durkin’s Inc. and let our team of designers, consultants and installers handle all your event details.  No matter the time of year, the size of your event, or its theme and purpose, when you choose the experts here at Durkin’s, you are putting your trust into the hands of some of the absolute best in the industry.  Don’t delay.  Now that you have your event venue, theme, and guest list in place, turn to our team of specialists to handle the install of your tent and provide you with the perfect party package that suits your special event.

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