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The Best Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space for the Summer

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As the summer rolls around, the weather turns warmer and it becomes time to enjoy the outdoors. Patios, porches, and lawns all see the most use in the summer, and they’re a great place to gather friends and family. With the excitement of summer comes extensive heat, which is sometimes unbearable. But never fear, there are a variety of ways to cool your outdoor living spaces. Here’s a list of different coverings that you can use to create your perfect outdoor retreat.


Canopies are a great solution for the homeowner who wants to add to the look, value, and comfort of their porch or patio. With three types of canopies to choose from, we have the perfect covering for you. With a sturdy and formidable look at a budget friendly cost, canopies are a great option for keeping entertainment areas cool.

Retractable Awnings

With a retractable awning, you can enjoy the comfort of a shaded outdoor area and the ability to change the look of your backyard on command. With and awning that can be displayed for folded electronically, retractable awnings allow for you to enjoy the sun and shade depending on how you feel. With a variety of sizes ranging from regular to the largest on the market, we’re sure to have a retractable awning that will fit with your house perfectly.

Shade Structures

Some people like the feeling of being outdoors in the summer, but would rather avoid the harsh rays of the sun. Shade structures allow for large areas to become covered with ease. These are great options for those who want to avoid the rain, sun, and wind. They serve as protection for three seasons of the year, and create a great ambiance in outdoor spaces. 

Stationary Awnings

If you know for certain that you’d rather a porch or deck have a more permanent covering, a stationary awning is the choice for you. These awnings have all of the protectional upside of retractable awnings, and can be built and designed to fit right into the look of your home. With the ability to be fitted with solar screens, stationary awnings act like true continuations of your indoor living areas.


No matter what type of covering you think you’d like for your outdoor space, Durkin’s has the right choice for you. With years of experience, our family business is happy to help you determine what covering you’d like for your home. Our team of professionals will assist you along every step of the way to make your home look its best this summer.

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