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Why You Should Invest in an Awning This Summer

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Many homes have decks or patios that rarely get used because it is uncomfortable to spend time on a hot and unprotected outdoor living space. Instead the outdoors in the summertime, families are forced to stay inside to escape the elements. 

Another issue that comes with summer is rising electricity bills. Windows and doors that face the sun can quickly heat up the house when the afternoon heat rules around. Because of this, many people’s cooling bills start to rise, and furniture unprotected from the rays can fade. 

An attractive and affordable solution to these issues lies in the form of an awning. Retractable and stationary awnings are great additions to patios, doorways, and windows. As well, they provide shade and UV protection while reducing energy costs. They can also transform your outdoor living space by making it a cool and comfortable area to relax in. 

Below are three ways that an awning can help your home, especially during the summer months:

Lower Cooling Costs

Awnings are a great, affordable way to reduce energy costs. They block the sunlight and limit the amount of sun that enters the home. When the sun shines through glass windows or doors, it can increase the usage of an air conditioner by almost 20%. Awnings can help significantly decrease those costs. 

Protection from the Sun

We all know how damaging an excess of sun exposure can be on our skin and our overall health. Awnings provide shade that not only protects our bodies from the sun, but can also protect our furniture, flooring and custom printed carpets or oriental rugs from fading.

Increased Usage of Outdoor Space

Investing in an awning for your home can help you enjoy your time outdoors. If you are not enjoying your outdoor living space as much as you would like, an awning is an affordable and excellent way to change that. Awnings provide shade that can make an outdoor area feel 15 degrees cooler than surrounding areas. 


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