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How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Awning

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An awning is a great way to attract customers and raise the curb appeal of your commercial property. When done right, commercial awnings look great and come with many added benefits for a business. But when improperly chosen, a commercial awning can appear dated, low quality, or plain awkward. Here are some tips for choosing your commercial awning:

Know Your Brand 

Knowing you brand is the first step to determining what kind of awning is right for you. What material fits your style? What material fits the style of your building? Of course, keeping your company color scheme in mind is important as well. A recognizable awning can attract customers and help generate positive associations between your customers and place of business. 

Don’t Clutter your Signage

Make sure when determining the size and position of your awnings that you don’t detract from the readability of your store’s signage. It’s important that awnings and signage work together to create a recognizable storefront. 

Consider The Savings

Energy savings are an often talked about benefit of installing residential awnings. But those same benefits apply to your business as well! Awnings can decrease energy bills when chosen correctly, and provide other benefits such as limiting sun damage on furniture in your store. Consider the size and location of your awning to best utilize the savings that come with it. 

Your Commercial Awning Retailer

At Durkin’s, we’re committed to work with you to add the perfect awnings to your business. To learn more about our services and get on the road to a recognizable and professional storefront, contact us today. 

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