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Why You Should Move Your Venue to a Tent This Summer

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One of the most important parts of planning an event is acquiring the perfect space. From weddings, to business gatherings, to social events, the right venue can be the difference between a successful get together and a crumby one. With the summer sunshine upon us, everyone wants to get outside. The appeal of a warm breeze and fresh air is enough to make anyone want to leave their indoor gathering. So what if you could move your event outdoors? With a high quality rental tent, you and your guests can enjoy all the benefits of being outside during your gathering.

Enjoy the outdoors

Take advantage of the warmth of the summer with an outdoor venue space. A tent allows guests to enjoy the sun shining on their faces, the breeze flowing through the tent. Conducting meetings or celebrations in an outdoor setting is guaranteed to increase happiness compared to artificially lit indoor spaces. If the weather turns, enclosed tents can be utilized to keep the event going strong! 

Customize your event

Venue customization is at an all time high when you choose a tent for your event. For starters, tents allow you free choice of location. Incorporate scenic views, or practical convenience depending on your wants and needs. From there, different types of tents ranging from sailcloth to classic pole tents can create different atmospheres to fit your event perfectly. From elegant swooping fabrics to transparent roofs, the customization of a tent venue is unmatched. 

The Premiere Tent Vendors

For your event this summer, choose Durkin’s Inc. to be your high quality tent rental company. With a wide range of tent styles such as sailcloth tents, pole tents, and frame tents, we are the number one rental company serving the greater Danbury area. Call us today to learn more at 203) 742-2142.

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